Details of the Gap Year Program - Applications for 2018 placement close 28 September 2017  
Our Gap Year Program allows you to gain experience and learn what it will be like to work in an Accounting firm, working directly alongside our professional team.

The program is offered to year 12 students upon completion of their Year 12 High School Certificate. This is an opportunity to explore what areas within accounting best suit your aspirations as well as developing skills, gaining valuable knowledge and practical skills in the accounting field. The program will be a good starting point for your career with us, as you will participate in training, community activities and have plenty of opportunities to network.

The program is fully paid with an annual salary commencing at $24,042 plus superannuation. This level of income will qualify you to claim Independent status for Youth Allowance through the Department of Human Services, where your Parent's combined income is less than the threshold, currently $150,000. Upon completion of your Gap Year placement, PinnacleHPC will offer a $1,000 bonus towards University enrolment fees and an on-going financial scholarship throughout University of $500 for each successfully completed year of study.

Length of employment: 1 Year
Timing: January through to December
Location: Griffith NSW

Our aim at PinnacleHPC is to partner with you throughout your degree, creating opportunities including paid placements each academic year during your University holiday breaks.

Being a participant in the Gap Year program means that PinnacleHPC Pty Ltd will provide the following additional benefits:
1. A $1,000 bonus towards your university enrolment fees.
2. A minimum of 8 weeks additional paid placements each academic year.
3. Opportunity to work alongside professional staff in Business Services, Audit, IT, Administration and Human Resources.
4. Exemption from the interview stage if you decide to apply for a Graduate position. 
Requirements and who can apply
• Year 12 students with sound results in English, Maths & preferably Business Studies.
• Students who would consider taking a Gap Year after their exams before commencing University studies.
• If seeking to qualify for the Independent Youth Allowance, your parents will need to earn below the current threshold
  of $150,000 per annum.

PinnacleHPC are seeking students predicted to achieve an ATAR that will enable them to gain entry into an Accounting, Business/Commerce or Economics degree with an accounting major. The Gap Year program is for successful candidates who will be attending University and have an interest in pursuing a career with PinnacleHPC on graduation. 

Recruitment Process
Applications for the Gap Year Program opens in July of each year. If successful, you are invited to attend an interview.

PinnacleHPC are seeking applicants with the following attributes:
1. Communication Skills – be expressive, clear and concise and demonstrate that the applicant has the ability to quickly
    form relationships with others and seek assistance when required.
2. Achievement of goals – provide details of the goals the applicant has set and achieved throughout their schooling, sporting
    or extra curricula activities.
3. Adaptability – is able to adapt to all situations that they may face whilst working at PinnacleHPC.
4. Problem solving skills - Have the ability to analyse, dissect and solve practical problems, generate new ideas and make
    sound judgements in various situations.
5. Organisational skills – have the ability to be highly organised, understand the responsibility for the completion of tasks,
    attention to detail as well as good time management skills with ability to prioritise tasks effectively.

How to Apply
Complete the online application form (see attached Appendices 1) and upload a copy of your Resume and most recent School Reports. 
What Type of Work You Can Expect
Placements are more generally available in our business services and audit teams as well as in specialist consulting fields, from time to time. Preferences will be considered. You will be expected to perform the same role as one of the Undergraduate employees and will be provided the equivalent training.

For example: in Audit, you may perform the following tasks:
1. Analysing and interpreting financial information.
2. Understanding and documenting client processes and procedures.
3. Preparing summary documents.
4. Reviewing minutes of client meetings.

In Tax, you may be required to assist in the following:
1. Preparation of Individual Tax Returns and Business Activity Statements.
2. Banklink coding. 

What the Benefits Are

  • The ability to earn a significant salary to fund University and satisfy the income level required to meet Independent Youth Allowance requirements.
  • Ongoing funding throughout University (see attached appendices 2).
  • Interesting and varied work for 12 months and a commitment for further paid work each year.
  • The opportunity to develop your organisational and technical skills that are highly sought after by employers across all industries.
  • Great work experience for your CV. You will be able to draw on real life situations combined with acquired skills and attributes for future interviews. This is invaluable.
  • You start to differentiate yourself from your peers who have had no similar work experience.
  • Gain exposure to a range of professional services within a corporate environment.
  • Gain exposure to a vast array of computer software programs such as Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Microsoft Office Suite, Banklink, PDF Docs, Phoenix, APS, XPA to name a few.
  • Great social environment for 12 months and meeting likeminded peers who are in various stages of their studies.
  • A career opportunity on completion of your degree.

Please direct all enquiries to:

Yvette Stewart
Human Resources Manager
PinnacleHPC Pty Ltd
PO Box 1467

or email

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