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Gap Year Student Program Application
First Name:    
Last Name:    
Date of Birth:     DDMMYY
Residential Address:    
Phone Numbers:  BH   
Email Address    
School currently  Enrolled in:    
Year of Study:    Year  
Subjects undertaken in HSC:    
University(s) to be applied to:     
Personal Interests:
(Please describe interests that you pursue
outside of school). 
Positions of responsibility or leadership:
(Please describe any positions of responsibility
that you have held and what you have learnt
from the experience). 

What motivates you as an individual?
What attracts you to our Cadetship program
and to PinnacleHPC Pty Ltd? 
(250 words or less):

Current Resume:    
Most recent school report:    


All enquiries to:
Yvette Stewart
Human Resources Manager
PinnacleHPC Pty Ltd
PO Box 1467 Griffith NSW 2680
Phone 02 6960 1200 or Email

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