PinnacleHPC committed to helping individuals and organisations succeed.

PinnacleHPC provides an extensive suite of generalised and specialised accounting services to people and businesses from the agricultural, retail, manufacturing, medical, hospitality, construction and professional services industries. As a Griffith-based firm that has been operating locally for more than 80 years, we understand well the markets and business environments our clients operate in.

PinnacleHPC is passionate about fostering local business success and understands the importance of professional guidance and effective financial management. Independently-owned and operated and with a strong focus on people and service, PinnacleHPC's objective is to provide clients with impeccable advice and financial management.  


With a team that is highly trained, well-educated and experienced, PinnacleHPC offers its clients a full service, long term business partner. Our reputation for frank advice and absolute discretion means clients both in the Riverina and further afield look to us for sound financial management and assistance with business strategy.

PinnacleHPC is led by a team of eight Principals who are backed by 65 professionals, client services and administration staff. This means we offer our clients greater personal service, access to the experts and more direct professional advice than other local accounting firms.