Acquisitions and Mergers
Whether you are considering buying a business or merging with another business, PinnacleHPC has the necessary experience and expertise to assist you to achieve a positive outcome. PinnacleHPC's mergers and acquisitions services cover every step of the process, from identifying acquisition targets, through to negotiating the commercial elements of the transaction. Using PinnacleHPC's professional services saves you the stress of dealing with due diligence and enables you to make an informed decision that benefits your business.

Charitable Trusts
Charitable trusts are set up to hold money or assets and carry out activities for the benefit of the community. PinnacleHPC knows the practicalities of managing charitable trusts and can help you by preparing the trust deed, applying to the ATO for an Australian Business Number (ABN) and organising tax exemptions where applicable. Most importantly, PinnacleHPC's experience means your trust will be set up and managed effectively so you can reach your charitable goals.

Company Secretarial
PinnacleHPC can provide all company secretarial services including the lodgement of Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) registrations and documentation, registrations of new companies, Australian Business Number (ABN) registrations and financial meeting minutes. This ensures your business is compliant with all current legislation and regulation.

Estate Planning
PinnacleHPC is experienced in estate planning and can guarantee that the succession plan for your assets will be upheld, giving you peace of mind. PinnacleHPC can guide you through the process of personal estate planning and business succession planning with services including: 
  • Confirmation of assets
  • Valuations, inventories and appraisals
  • Court approval for a grant of administration
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Asset protection
  • Payment of taxes and debts
  • Estate distribution

Farm Accounting
Farming businesses present unique challenges and unique financial and taxation issues to be managed. PinnacleHPC has extensive experience giving specialised accounting advice to farming enterprises including orchards, vineyards, cropping, grazing and wool.

For more details about PinnacleHPC's Farm Accounting Services click here

Financial Planning
PinnacleHPC has close ties to the local financial planning organisation Bridges Personal Investment Services, which means our clients enjoy preferential service and independence is guaranteed. PinnacleHPC can work in partnership with the team at Bridges to continue your growth and success at both a personal and a business level.

PinnacleHPC knows the financial market and has the experience necessary to assist you in securing the best financing option for your personal and business goals. PinnacleHPC can also structure debt upon acquisition to maximise tax advantages.

Forensic Accounting
PinnacleHPC can offer forensic accounting assistance in legal disputes and assess the financial implications. Often with intervention from PinnacleHPC the dispute is able to be settled without a court case, however we are also able to provide the official information and documentation required by the court and even act as an expert witness if necessary. Pinnacle's specialists in forensic accounting have a sound understanding of legal concepts and procedures from years of experience and are able to guide you through the process.

Human Resources
PinnacleHPC provides an experienced Human Resources (HR) Manager as an available dedicated resource to its clients. With extensive experience across the breadth of HR services – from training to payroll – PinnacleHPC can help you ensure your team achieves its objectives and that your people management processes run smoothly.

Information Technology Consultancy
PinnacleHPC can provide you with experienced Information Technology (IT) consultancy and support services to ensure your business technology works seamlessly. With a dedicated IT consultant, PinnacleHPC is able to help businesses put people and technology together to take the burden away from busy business owners and maximise efficiency at work and enhance productivity.

For more details about PinnacleHPC's IT Consultancy Services click here

The key to avoiding insolvency is to proactively seek professional help at the first sign of financial difficulty. PinnacleHPC is able to assist your business to identify problem areas and suggest insightful, active solutions that will improve its financial position. PinnacleHPC's timely and expert advice will seek to save your business from liquidation or receivership; however in the event that liquidation or receivership is necessary, PinnacleHPC has the experience and skills required to assist you.

Portfolio Management
PinnacleHPC can provide you with the expertise, tools and methods to make handling your investments easy. With extensive experience in designing and managing portfolios for individuals and businesses, PinnacleHPC is well equipped to efficiently take care of the everyday tasks in investment management and to advise you on complex decisions. PinnacleHPC keeps up-to-date on the latest movements and changes in the investment market to ensure your portfolio meets your goals.

Risk Management
An effective risk management strategy can improve performance, allow for the achievement of goals and protect the value of your business. PinnacleHPC has proven experience in accurately assessing risk and designing risk management strategies that protect you from vulnerabilities. PinnacleHPC can provide you with risk management services that include extensive research into your business and its market, risk identification, strategy development and implementation of risk mitigation procedures.

Succession Planning
A well designed succession plan is essential to ensuring the long term success of your business. PinnacleHPC recognises that co-ordination of the transition of your business to your successors can be arduous so we provide advice and strategic counsel to smooth the way forward. PinnacleHPC's many years of experience in succession planning takes the hassle out of dealing with the complex issues around business continuation.

Self-managed Superannuation Funds 
PinnacleHPC has extensive experience in the installation of Self-Managed Super Funds and can help you to establish a fund and manage it in the long term. PinnacleHPC has a large base of Self-Managed Super Funds which ensures the firm keeps up-to-date with the latest changes in policy and legislation so that our clients can make the most of opportunities as they arise. 

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In order to protect the assets you have accumulated for the benefit of others, PinnacleHPC can offer specialist advice on trust formation and ensure that all statutory requirements are met. PinnacleHPC is also able to assist you with meeting the ongoing obligations for trustees and remove the hassle from trust administration tasks such as investment monitoring and income distribution.

An independent valuation gives you valuable insight into the intrinsic value of a business or property. PinnacleHPC is trained and experienced in business valuations and can provide you with simple guidelines and formulae for evaluating the worth of a business. You can trust PinnacleHPC for professional and accurate valuation services.